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Friday, February 10, 2006

Info on Abductions...

Killer KidnappersAnd Their Victims..

A child's chances of being abducted by a stranger are rare, and the likelihood that the kidnapping will end in murder are rarer still. There is approximately one child abduction murder for every 10,000 reports of a missing child, according to a report prepared by the Attorney General of Washington state.
This rarity is a major reason why worst-case scenarios get the most attention, with the murders of two California girls, Danielle van Dam and Samantha Runnion, most recently making headlines across the United States. Missing children who have been murdered can also claim as part of their legacy improvements in the ways we keep kids safe and find those who are lost, as in the cases of Adam Walsh and Polly Klaas.

Victim Profile
76 percent of children killed by their abductor are girls
The average age is between 11 and 12 years old
57 percent are victims of opportunity14 percent are chosen because of some physical characteristic
Well over half of all child abductions that lead to murder happen within three blocks of the victim's home.

Profile of A Killer Kidnapper
The average killer of abducted children is 27 years old
85 percent are unmarried
Half are unemployed
51 percent live either alone or with their parents
61 percent have prior arrests for violent crimes
66 percent have a legitimate reason to be in the area where the abduction takes place

Source: Attorney General of Washington State, U.S. Department of Justice

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