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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fighting CANCER with GENES

BBC Report shows 2 men cured of cancer
with astounding new treatment using gene technology...

How it works
Dr Stephen Rosenberg and his team isolated T cells from the cancer patients and multiplied them in the lab.

1 Blood taken from patient2 T cells infected with virus to carry key genes into them3 DNA from genes helps cells develop receptors4 Modified cells injected back into patient5 Receptors target cancerous cells to be killed
Next they used a virus to carry receptor genes into the T cells. These receptors are what enable the modified T cell to recognise specific cancers - in this case malignant melanoma.
When the modified T cells were transfused into the patients they began to attack the tumour cells.
For at least two months after the treatment, the modified cells made up at least 10% of the patients' circulating T cells.
The scientists are now looking at ways to enable greater numbers of the modified T cells to survive.
Dr Rosenberg said: "We've identified T cell receptors that will now recognise common cancers."

See the article here..


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