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Sunday, April 09, 2006

SPS tehnology..New type of rocket fuel

The MFC™ is a manufactured spherical particle that is only 1000 microns (three times the thickness of a human hair) in diameter. Even though it is so small, it contains all the ingredients (e.g. fuel and solid oxygen source) required to make a solid propellant. Included within each particle is a near perfect, extremely thin (1 micron) protective barrier that separates a high-energy spherical solid oxygen core from a high-energy fuel layer. This protective barrier (plastic control barrier in figure) keeps the high-energy chemicals of the solid propellant from touching and making the fuel unstable. In current solid propellants, no such protective barrier can be made between high-energy chemicals, so using high-energy fuels with solid oxygen sources is not possible since they would touch and destabilize the solid propellant. In the SPS technology, the capability to use both high-energy fuels with protected high-energy solid oxygen will dramatically improve the power and performance of solid propellants.


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